Posted on: September 2, 2008 7:53 pm

defiler's baseball 'Top 30 Prospects'

1. Matt Wieters C Baltimore
2. David Price LHP Tampa Bay
3. Matt LaPorta OF(1B?) Cleveland
4. Rick Porcello RHP Detroit
5. Jason Heyward RF Atlanta
6. Trevor Cahill RHP Oakland
7. Travis Snider LF(DH?) Toronto
8. Brett Anderson LHP Oakland
9. Cameron Maybin CF Florida
10. Michael Moustakas SS Kansas City
11. Madison Bumgarner LHP San Francisco
12. Justin Smoak 1B Texas
13. Timothy Alderson RHP San Francisco
14. Colby Rasmus CF St. Louis
15. Brandon Wood 3B(SS?) Anaheim
16. Max Scherzer RHP Arizona
17. Brian Matusz LHP Baltimore
18. Chris Tillman RHP Baltimore
19. Dexter Fowler CF Colorado
20. Brett Wallace 1B St. Louis
21. Jarrod Parker RHP Arizona
22. Neftali Feliz RHP Texas
23. Lars Anderson 1B Boston
24. Tim Beckham SS Tampa Bay
25. Pedro Alvarez 3B Pittsburgh*
26. Yonder Alonso 1B Cincinnati
27. Josh Vitters 3B Chicago (NL)
28. Andrew McCutchen CF Pittsburgh
29. Eric Hosmer 1B Kansas City*
30. Michael Burgess RF Washington

*Last I heard, there is significant contractual problems between Pedro Alvarez and Pittsburgh. Arguments by his advisor, Scott Boras, have also put Eric Hosmer's contract with Kansas City in question, despite MLB acceptance and approval of their signings by the August 15th deadline.

In order to be on this list, a player must not have exhausted their rookie eligibility, either this season or in the past, and must have signed with a MLB team.

"A player shall be considered a rookie unless, during a previous season or seasons, he has (a) exceeded 130 at-bats or 50 innings pitched in the Major Leagues; or (b) accumulated more than 45 days on the active roster of a Major League club."

My rankings combine scouting reports, statistical results (amateur and professional), pedigree, makeup, and personal opinion. Age and level is used only to gauge relative performance (18 year old pitcher doing well in A+ against 20+ year olds = important). I do not use "closeness to the majors" as a factor in my rankings.
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